Novo Precision

Wire Payoffs

The wire I wish to payoff is larger in diameter and comes packaged in heavier weights which exceed the ratings on your fine wire payoff. Does Novo Precision offer any other wire payoffs or wire decoilers for these conditions?

Yes. The Novo Precision feed and cutoff systems often require a wire payoff device for these larger and heavier wire applications. When the application requires, Novo Precision will secure a heavy duty wire payoff from one of our business partners and modify it so that as a "system" all the equipment performs at an optimum level.

Will your payoff work with an incremental feed machine?

Yes, it has a spring reservoir that holds up to four feet of wire allowing incremental feeds.

What are the weight and wire size limitations?

Our light wire payoff can hold up to 70 pounds and is designed for wire diameters .035" and smaller. In some instances larger wire diameters will work well.

I have limited floor space. How much space will the payoff require?

Our payoff requires less space than most payoffs. It is designed to operate close to the machine using the wire. The footprint is only 38" (L) by 35" (W) and that includes the unique spring guide reservoir that holds up to four feet of wire.

I have a high speed payoff requirement and do not think the Novo Precision FWPO @ 144 RPM will do the job. Is there a faster version available?

Yes. Novo Precision offers a high speed version of the FWPO which is rated at 280 RPM and employs a variable speed device which “ramps up or down” the payoff speed based on the amount of wire being pulled at any time. Wire tension is maintained through-out any feed speed.