Novo Precision

Feed & Cutoff Systems (SF&C)

If I have various applications that encompass different types of materials to be fed and cut, do I need another machine to do this?

No. The cassette tooling design of the Novo Precision SF&C system allows for the replacement of all the tooling components. The tooling can be fabricated using many different materials and/or processes to accommodate just about any stringent application needs.

If my application parameters go beyond a particular operation range of one of the SF&C series, does that mean that I must purchase two different systems?

Not necessarily. Typically the series with the larger size capability can employ smaller sized tooling to run a smaller size material.

What type of cutting application is best suited for a servo-based system as opposed to the pneumatic type?

Usually the two main differences are price and performance. A servo system can produce any cut length but is best used for very long cut lengths if speed is important. Secondly servo systems typically employ more sophisticated controls and usually have very easy "key in"set-up and control panels. The pneumatic style systems are still considered the best for high speed, close tolerance, short length application. The pneumatic styles are very reliable and usually cost less.

What is the maximum length the pneumatic based machines can run?

Our standard machine has a 12" stroke, but it is capable of feeding multiple times before the cut off action occurs. It can feed up to 300 strokes before the wire is cut.therefore the maximum length would be 300 ft.

My part length varies. How difficult is it to adjust the length on the machine?

It is a simple adjustment; loosen four screws and move the rear stop to the desired length.

Will I still need a 12" machine when my part length is never over 4"?

No, the Novo Precision SF&C systems are available in two basic series, a 12" stroke and a 6" stroke. The shorter stroke system will provide a little faster production rate on smaller parts than the 12" unit.

What options are available on Novo Precision's feed and cut-off systems?

The Novo Precision feed and cut-off system has several options that address many of the necessities required of the modern production facility and include the following:

  • Overseas power configuration
  • 220V 60 cycle
  • Process line interface with remote mounting of controller
  • Ergonomically positioned operating components
  • Safety and Sound Enclosure
  • Fine Adjustment Device
  • Selectable Controller Packages
  • AB or Square D
  • Special end forming tooling for simple shaped parts
  • System operation and annunciation package
  • Wire pay-off / decoiler in spool or coil configuration

What are the standard features of the Novo Precision feed and cut-off system?

The Novo Precision feed and cut-off system includes the following standard features:

  • Safety interlocks & shields
  • Wire out sensor
  • Direct control or external I/O connection for actual count, stroke count, stroke rate, preset count, # of feed strokes per cut, etc.
  • Fast & simple tooling change over
  • Uni-body mounting plate for tabletop production.

Do I have to replace the two cut-off quills when the end cut begins to go bad or starts to create burrs?

No. The first thing that can be done is to rotate the traveling quill 180 degrees to a fresh non-used face. The other thing is to send them back to Novo Precision where we will re-grind and re-finish them for only $150.00 a set. The quill sets can be re-finished several times before they need to be replaced.

Is there a special configuration of the Novo Precision SF&C for small diameter precious metal applications like platinum and gold?

The standard SF&C configuration will handle that kind of application quite easily. It is very prudent, however, to be sure to have the “Fine Adjustment Device” (FAD) option on your unit as it will save lots of money on scrap.