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Introduction to Novo Precision: Virtual Tour

Tour our 20,000 sq foot state of the art facility. Check out our machines being assembled or used in house for contract production. View samples of our different wire forms, medical staples and cut to length parts. Meet our team.

Cut to Length Machines

Custom built machines for wire cutting, strip cutting and tube cutting. Many secondary operations such as forming, bending, knurling, etc can be programmed into system. Custom enclosures and control panels can be added to make a true turnkey system.

Servo Feeders & Control Systems

Servo driven systems built by Novo to give the utmost in speed and accuracy. Servo machines can be customized to run most wire up to .350".

Precision Wire Straighteners / Lubricators

Novo has been making precision wire straighteners for over 30 years. Models can handle wire, tube or strip from .006" up to .500" and comes in either 1,2 or 4 planes depending on application requirements.

Linear Feed Drives

Linear feed drives come in 3 models Tractor Style, Heavy Duty and Light Duty depending on application requirements. Processes wire, strip and tube up to .350"

Contract Prototype & Pre-production Services

Rotary Wire Straightener

Custom built rotary wire straightners can handle wire from .015"-.250". If optimal straightness is required these are the machines you need. Available in single and double arbor.

SBT Modular Systems

Novo offers a line of SBT modular systems for stamping, contact welding, forming and many other applications.

Colombi Spring Coilers

Novo line of in-line spring coilers processes include coiling of spring, heat treating, inspection and insertion into assembly line.

Colombi Spring Detanglers

Novo offers a line of Colombi Spring detanglers for quick and easy separation of even the toughest springs. Models include Micro, Mini and Big to handle most size springs.

Cut to Length Service

Videos of our Cut to Length Service inc. wire cutting, strip cutting and tube cutting. Most lengths and diameter, clean burr free cut.

Turnkey Systems

Novo has designed Turnkey Systems for a wide range of industries which process or fabricate wire, strip material or tubing. These systems perform a variety of tasks including cutting, batching, stamping and many others.

Tube Shearing System & Service

Novo designed and built tube cutting and tube shearing machine. Can accommodate part lengths up to .375" and dia up to .250" Novo can build machine or run tube cutting production in house.

Strip Cutting Machine or Strip Cutting Service

Novo Precision designs and builds Strip Cutting Machines that can cut strip sizes from .0007"-.375 thick and up to .375"wide in cut lengths. Novo also does in house strip cutting for contract production.

Wire with Finished Ends

In addition to cutting and straightening wire Novo can perform a variety of processes to alter the ends including stamping, angle cuts, forming ball on the end and many more.

Vertical CNC Broach-Broaching Pistol Barrels

Cable Cutting Machine and Cable Cutting Service

Novo offers machines to cut cable or allow us to run your production on one of our in house cable cutting machines with our experienced cable cutting experts.

Lean Metrics Stands

Product Assembly Videos

Tantalum Markers