Novo Precision

Glossary of Terms


Accumulating Guide Plate
This is a narrow metal plate or series of plates that maintain the wire direction during the gripper feed cycle. Click here to see plates.

Active Coils
The coils which are free to deflect under force

Alarm History
A viewable list of alarm types, number of occurrences, dates and duration of occurrence which can be used to track equipment and or operator efficiencies on Novo Precision cut to lengths systems

Allen Bradley™
A supplier and industry standard for electrical components such as PLCs, sensors, etc used by OEM companies

A round rod on a spring coiler over which wire is coiled to form an object such as a spring

The spinning elements of a rotary straightener that rotate around the wire and hold the straightening guides

The shape that can result from cutting tubing.

Stopping a line automatically when a defective part is detected. [Same as Judoka]


Back Tension
The tension applied to a coiled material as it passes between the reel and the processing station. An adequate back-tension must be maintained to ensure that the material spools correctly on or off the reel.

Heating electroplated springs to remove hydrogen

A solid piece or block of material that is usually considerably longer than it is wide

Barber Pole
A condition as the result of marking or scratching wire due to the improper setting of a rotary straightener

The ( typically ) circular base of a wire payoff where the bundles or coils rest.

Batch Mode
A settable condition on a Novo Precision cut to length system to be able to cut “groups” of pieces based on packaging requirements. This mode would allow a customer to cut a 1,000 pieces in 20 batches of 50 pieces each.

The requirement to group a number of pieces together. – A screen settable value on a Novo Precision SF&C system

Bearing Rolls
Bearing rolls or rolls are the element of a "roll" style straightener that direct the wire within a wire straightener in a slalom type path to braek the wire memory and make it straight. Typically several bearings or bearing rolls or just rolls are used within the straightener to achieve straightness.

A European brand of PC used in the Colombi spring coiling systems that is Windows™ compatible

Big Detangler
A Colombi® brand spring detangler for large size springs.

An automatic spring separator and feeding system manufactured by Colombi for delivering individual orientated springs to a particular location. The Bigmatic™ is designed to bigger springs than the Colombi Speedfeeder™. Click here to see a Bigmatic.

Bird Nesting
Materials that have lost containment of desired removal sequence and snagging or knotting will occur.

Any resource whose capacity is equal to or less than the demand placed on it.

Bowl Feeder
A vibrating container with an inclined “tooled” track to feed out a part or item in a particular orientation - See also Feeder Bowl

Bowing or lateral deflection of compression springs when compressed, related to the slenderness ratio – A condition that can occur when feeding fine wire without guides.

See Coil


A collection of twisted together wire strands.

Cam Lock
This is a device that closes several rolls or bearings on one side of a straightener bank or plane. I t is also referred to as a “quick release”. Its purpose is to allow for quick loading of wire into a wire straightener and is generally only needed on large wire straighteners.

Cassette Tooling
This refers to a particular “configuration” or packaging of tooling items that ensures a simple yet precise way of allowing a particular machine to be quickly converted over from one production project to another.

The “bend” or “curve” that a wire takes when placed on a spool, reel, or if in a coil. to turn or change shape under torsion or to assume a spiral shape

Centering Posts
The adjustable tubular poles on a wire payoff used to keep the ID of the coil centered on the basket

Ceramic Guide
A Novo Precision system material guide made from ceramic

Clamping Lever
See Cam - Lock

A coil is made of materials, usually rigid, which can be fashioned into a spiral or helical shape. Flexible materials like wire, rope, hose, or cable can also be coiled into empty loops, or wound around a central drum or spindle.

Coil Set
The “curve” or “bend” that wire takes when wrapped or bundled in coils.

Coil Stock
The specific packaging of wire or narrow strip into bunches or bundles that are tie wrapped into “stock” coil weights.

A division of the Swedish company Tekno-Detaljer that manufactures in-line spring coiling systems and detanglers

Conical Springs
A spring shape similar to a cone or hour glass– A type of spring that can be made on the Colombi spring coiler system

Anything that limits a system from achieving higher performance, or throughput. That bottleneck which most severely limit the organization's ability to achieve higher performance relative its purpose/goal.

A term to describe wire that has a Helix or “pig-tail” in it.

Cylindrical Springs
A spring shape that has a symmetrical cylindrical shape with the outer diameter being the same over the whole length – A type of spring that can be made on the Colombi spring coiler system


Dancer Arm
A device on a motorized payoff that controls payoff tension

The action of removing by un-winding material from a coil, reel or spool

Deflection (F)
Displacement of the ends or arms of a spring on the application of an external force (P).

A wire or narrow strip payoff. Used for taking off linear material from a large reel.

A mechanical device to untangle or seperate parts such as springs

Double Plane
A 2 plane device as in a 2 plane wire straightener

Drive Belt
The item that comes in contact with wire or narrow strip that is part of a tractor drive device, usually a hard rubber.

Drive Rolls
A set of opposing rolls ( 2, 4, or 6 ) driven by a motor and gearbox that have been “ground” to a particular radius or shape to feed linear material as part of a servo or other type of feed device.

Dual Pivot
A specific set of mounting hardware from Novo Precision that allows a wire straightener to be set in a rotational value around 360 degrees of the wire feed line – A dual item

Dust Shield
A cover – usually transparent – that is over a bank or plane or series of planes on a wire straightener to keep contamination from falling onto the bearing rolls.


Elastic Limit
Maximum stress to which a spring can be stressed without taking a permanent set – The point which must be reached by a roll straightener in order to “break the wire memory”.

Endurance Limit
Maximum stress which can be repeatably applied without incurring spring failure.

A mechanical device used to separate one part from another. Typically used in assembly machines or process machines to isolate a item for work.

External Setup (OED)
Tooling setup procedures that can be performed while machine is in motion. OED - "outer exchange of die" [See Internal Setup]


A system to feed materials a specified length and cut by an appropriate means

A precision adjustment device of the stroke of a reciprocating feed ( Fine Adjust Device) – A standard option on a Novo Precision series #02 SF&C

Fatigue Failure
A condition where a spring is deflected continually and the metal become fatigued to the point where it may fail at a stress value far below the elastic limit.

Feed Drive
A mechanical device to push / pull / feed or otherwise direct material or parts into or out of a particular processing device. See Servo Feed - Linear Drives

Feed Rolls
Typically round rolls that are used to "pull" wire or other linear material using a servo drive device. The rolls are ground with the wire diameter or shape dimensions to ensure accurate feeding of that material.

Feeder Bowl
Typically this is a parts feeding device that is in the shape of a bowl which vibrates. The bowl is "tooled" so that parts "walk out' of the bowl along an inclined surface which vibrates. Various slots, arms, blades, holes, and other shaped tooling items orient the parts so that they exit the bowl the desired way and one at a time.

Fine Wire
A relative term, but usually refers to small wire under .025” in diameter

Flat Stock
Usually flat, square, or rectangular shaped material.

Flat Wire
Any wire that is not round – usually refers to thin or narrow strip or even square wire

Float Control Valve
A valve that is put “in-line” on an air line to regulate, reduce, restrict, or “float” the level of air passing thru the line. Some Novo Precision SF&C systems employ one for the purpose of optimizing the systems operation for particular applications.

Force (P)
An active power applied to a spring to cause a deflection. It may also be erroneously referred to as load

Four Slide
Fourslides are machines designed to produce parts requiring blanking, piercing, or other machine operations in addition to forming. Fourslide machines combine a horizontal press with four forming slides, a highly efficient combination. Nilson & US Baird were two of the most common manufactures of these machines.

Free Angle
The angle between the arms of a torsion spring when the spring is not loaded.

Free Length (L)
The overall length of a spring in the un-loaded position

French Curve Reservoir
The design of a decoil system to get a smooth curve of varying radii to store material to remove shock resulting from reciprocal feeding systems.

Frequency (Natural)
The number of cycles per minute at which a spring will vibrate freely once it has been excited.


Gage Block
A metal or other strong material usually formed into a rod or square shape with very specific dimensions to which something can be compared to or measured by.

Gradient (Rate) (R)
Change in force per incremental unit of deflection. I.E. pounds per square inch

The clamping device that is found in the Novo Precision F&C system. The gripper is used to pull the wire or strip through the system.

Grooved Rolls
Straightener rolls or bearings that have been machined to a particular shape or radius. Usually grooved rolls serve to improve wire straightening for a particular diameter material but are limited to that diameter.

A device that controls the direction of material trough a processing machine. All Novo Precision wire straighteners, feed and cutoff systems, servo feeds, wire payoffs, and wire cleaner lubricators employ material guides.


The brand identifier for a small pneumatic dereeler of wire spools produced by Colombi

The brand identifier for a small electrically driven dereeler of wire spools produced by Colombi

A bundle of linear material ( wire ) – Usually in coil form or bundled lengths of cut material.

Heat Setting
Deflecting a spring in a fixture at elevated temperatures in order to reduce loss of load at operating temperatures

Springs of spiral or cylindrical shape such as compression, extension or torsion springs.

This is the "corkscrew" effect that some wire has. The degree of Helix can be determined by cutting slightly more than a complete loop of material and holding it diametrically opposite the cut ends of the loop. The distance the parallel ends of the wire are from touching each other indicates the extent of the helix.

Helix Straighteners
A straightener with several banks or planes of straightening rolls arranged at different angular positions around the circumference of the wire to be straightened.

Hitch Feed
the motion or process of carrying forward the material to be operated upon in a reciprocal motion

A large holding container to house a bulk quantity of parts that is typically used with some type of automatic assembly or delivery system. A component on the Bigmatic™ spring separator and feeding system manufactured by Colombi

The difference in forces at various deflections when loading or un-loading a spring


Initial Tension (Pi)
A force wound into an extension spring during coiling to hold the coils together

Comparing product, or component against specifications to determine if such product or component meets requirements. [See Judgment Inspection or Informative Inspection]

Internal Setup (IED)
Tooling setup procedures that must be performed while machine is in stopped. IED - "inner exchange of die" [See External Setup]


Jacketed Wire
A wire that is covered with another material as in “paper covered” wire or “metal wrapped” wire or “PVC coated” wire. – Typically a “Jacket” is considered a more hardened type of wire covering.

JIC Standards
JIC (Joint Industrial Council) Standards were written in the early 1950s the purpose was to provide a uniform set of basic practices which would result in a well-built machine or system.

During the 1980s, the JIC committees became dormant and the standards were rewritten. The new ones are: The National Fire Protection Association NFPA 79 Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery, the National Fluid Power Association published Hydraulic Fluid Power - Systems Standard for Stationary Industrial Machinery (ANSI/NFPA/JIC T2.24.1) and Pneumatic Fluid Power - Systems Standard for Industrial Machinery (ANSI/B93.114M).

Judgment Inspection
A form of inspection used to determine non-conforming product. [See Inspection or Informative Inspection]

Stopping a line automatically when a defective part is detected. [Same as Autonomation]


A scheduling system that tells you what to produce, when to produce it, and how much to produce; it is a concept related to lean and just-in-time (JIT) production.


Linear Material
This term refers to any type of material which is typically formed or processed in long lengths. Wire, narrow strip, tubing, cable, rope, hose, etc would be considered linear material.

Light Curtain
A safety device that creates a light “fence” around a machine which if touched causes the equipment to stop running.

Load (Force) (P)
Active power applied to a spring to cause a deflection (F)

Load Control
Loop Control
A electronic or mechanical device placed between the source of material supply and the processing system which regulates the amount of material ( slack amount ) available for processing. The device will signal the downstream system to start or stop depending on the amount of slack that is available.


Maintenance Count
A password protected counter that displays the number of cutting cycles performed by a Novo Precision SF&C system for the purpose of performing system maintenance based on system usage.

Mean Coil Diameter
Outside spring diameter (OD) minus wire thickness (d)

Medical Guide Wires
Spirals, Guide wires, and Catheters used in Urology, Radiology, and Angiography

Micro Detangler
A Colombi® brand spring detangler for very small springs.

Mini Detangler
A Colombi® brand spring detangler for medium size springs.

Miniature Straightener
A term for a wire straightener that can straighten fine wire.

Modular Construction
Modules in Shear or Torsion (G)
Coefficient of stiffness for extension and compression springs

Modules in Tension or Bending
Coefficient of stiffness for torsion and flat springs

A four-slide, also known as a multislide, multi-slide, or four-way, is a metalworking machine tool used in the high-volume manufacture of small stamped components from bar or wire stock. The press is most simply described as a horizontal stamping press that uses cams to control tools.[1] The machine is used for progressive or transfer stamping operations

Music Wire
A common high-carbon steel alloy used for spring manufacture. It is cold drawn and offers uniform tensile strength - Music Wire is highly magnetic


NEMA Rated Cabinet
Enclosures designed to protect items from various environmental hazards – Different ratings for each hazard

Nitrogen Gas Spring
The spring device in the Novo Precision SF&C cutter head that keeps the quill block aligned with the wire line after a cut

Non-Value Added
Activities or actions taken that add no real value to the product or service, making such activities or action a form of waste. [See Value Added]


This is the measured value used on Novo Precision wire straighteners to cause the material to be deformed from the central line of the PWS.

The name used by Colombi to indicate the inspection and testing station of their pneumatic or CNC based spring coilers.


Pail Pack
Paper Jacketed Wire
A solid core wire that is tightly wrapped in cellulose as a means of insulating the wire

An acid dipping treatment applied to stainless steel to remove contaminants and improve corrosion resistance

The equipment used to achieve decoil (see decoil)

Pen Dispenser
A particular pen type device used to manually insert springs produced on one of the Colombi spring coiling systems

Permanent Set
The difference in length of a highly stressed spring upon release of a force.

A term to describe wire that has a Helix or “corkscrew” in it.

Another name for “Top Hat”

Pin Stop
An adjustable dead point on the Novo Precision PCS designed to keep the wire from exceeding the desired cut length.

Pitch (p)
The distance from center of the wire in two adjacent coils

Pivot Assembly
An attachment for a Novo Precision series #04QR & #05QR wire straightener to allow a particular rotational angle to be set for the wire-in location so as to be congruent with the angle of payoff cast.

Pneumatic Coiler
An air based spring coiling unit

Posiblank Holder™
A special product used to enhance and extend the capabilities of a four slide machine available from Novo Precision

Precision Cutting Station
The PCS is a Novo Precision product that is used to manually cut precise lengths of wire from a rod

Precision Cutting Station
A semi-manual precision device offer by Novo Precision for cutting short burr free pieces of material from bar stock.

Precision Grade
A term used to distinguish between certain types of tools or hardware – Wire straighteners are classified this way

The process of closing to solid height a compression spring which has been coiled longer than the desired finish length, so as to increase the apparent elastic limit

The flow of material in time and space. The accumulation of sub-processes, or operations that transform material from raw material to finished products.

Profile Shape
Special Novo Precision system option. A package of add-on accessories to enhance the ease of monitoring the operation of the Novo Precision equipment.

Proportional Limit
Maximum load at which strain or deformation is directly proportional to stress, at zero percent offset.

A Novo Precision Programmable Rotary Wire Straightener

Pulling Force
The power required to pull a particular wire type & diameter through the straightening rolls of a roll straightener

Precision Wire Straightener


Meeting expectation and requirements, stated and un-stated, of the customer.

Quick Change Cart
The transport vehicle to move tooling and fixtures rapidly from point to point

Quick Changeover
The ability to change tooling and fixtures rapidly (usually minutes), so multiple products can be run on the same machine.

Quick Close
See Quick Release

Quick Opening
Quick Release
Usually a cam type device on a roll straightener that will open a group of rolls at one time to ease threading the wire

Quick Set Value
This is the measured value used on Novo Precision precision wire straighteners to cause the material to travel on the central line of the PWS.

Quill Block
The tooling component used to hold the (traveling) quill in a Novo Precision cutting system.

Quill Body Block
Quill on Quill
The cutting method typically found in the Novo Precision SF&C system. Two separate cylinders with precise profiles cut into them along the length to allow material to pass through them. One quill called (traveling) is passed across the face of the other quill called (stationary) and produces the cutting action on the material.


Radius Bearings
A standard or custom radius ground into the bearing rolls used in the Novo Precision precision wire straighteners.

Rate (R) (Gradient)
Change in force per incremental unit of deflection. I.E. pounds per inch

Real Value
Attributes and features of a product or service that, in the eyes of customers, is worth paying for. [See Value Added, Non-Value Added]

Recording Chart
A printed chart of the Novo Precision wire straighteners used to record the offset used on a particular wire or job.

A material retaining or transport device for wire or strip material usually over 24” in OD and may be made of wood, plastic, or metal. Reels can weigh in the thousands of pounds but generally do not weigh less than 100lb – See Spool

Residual Stress
Stresses incorporated within a spring by coiling, compressing to remove set, shot-peening, cold working or induced by heat treatment

Elastic ability of a material to rebound to its original shape after deflection.

Resistive Heating
The heating method used by the Colombi spring coiling systems to in-line heat treat the spring.

(See Bar)

Roll / Rolls
This is the rotating element, typically a bearing, within a straightener that guides the wire or strip along the straightener path.

Roll Cap
The term given to the mounting screw and cap that attaches a bearing to the sliding mechanism of a roll straightener

Roll Plate
The term given to the sliding plate to which the bearing or roll of a wire straightener is attached

Roller Guides
The plastic “V” shaped ceramic coated wheels used in the Novo Precision Fine Wire Payoff.

Rotary Straightener
A straightener that employs a spinning mechanism and continuous material feeder to straighten wire


Stanzbiegetechnik of Austria – Maker of Stamping, Bending, Welding, Injection Molding, and Assembly Machines – Novo Precision business partner.

Sealed Bearings
Servo Drive
A motorized drive device used for linear material. Typically with pneumatically operated claming wheels and an encoder for feed control

Also referred to as “cast” – The curve or bow a wire takes from being wrapped around in a coil or on a spool

Straighten Feed & Cut – A standard cut to length system of Novo Precision.

Shaped Bearings
Specially ground “roll bearings” on a roll type straightener that match a particular material contour

Shaped Wire
A non-round wire – Typical shapes are square, hex, rectangle, and “D” shaped

Shielded Bearings
A bearing or straightening roll that has a contamination prevention shield

Shock Stop
The gas cylinder on a Novo Precision SF&C system used to reduce the shock of the pneumatic gripper / puller when it strikes the dead stop on its stroke cycle.

Single Pivot
A specific set of mounting hardware from Novo Precision that allows a wire straightener to be set in a rotational value around 360 degrees of the wire feed line – A single device

Sinker EDM (conventional)
The sinker EDM process utilizes an electrically charged electrode (EDM electrode) that is configured to a specific geometry to burn the geometry of the electrode into a metal (conductive) component. The sinker EDM process is commonly used in the production of dies and molds.

The number of mechanical strokes that a Novo Precision SF&C will make before cutting the material – Maximum is 300

Slenderness Ratio
The ratio of spring free length (L) to the mean coil diameter (D). If the ratio is over 4.0 compression springs may buckle depending upon the amount of deflection.

Snag Sensor
Electronic device incorporated into Novo Precision equipment to signal when processed material has snagged or stopped decoiling.

Solid Height (H)
Length of the compression spring when force causes each coil to come in contact with adjacent coils

An automatic spring separator and feeding system manufactured by Colombi for delivering individual orientated springs to a particular location.

A material retaining or transport device for wire or strip material usually under 24” in OD and is generally made of plastic. Spools normally do not exceed 50 lbs – See Reel

Spring Coiler
A mechanical device, usually CNC based, that is used to form or coil springs

Spring Index
The ratio of mean coil diameter (D) to wire diameter (d) . The best ratio is between 7-13

Spring Pitch
The center line to center line distance between spring coils. - An adjustable value available on the Colombi CNC based in-line spring coiling system

Spring Separators
A mechanical device to separate tangled springs. Also called a detangler

Standard Grade
A term usually applied to the performance level and limited features of a wire straightener – A “Standard grade” wire straightener does not perform as well as a Precision Grade” which has more features and greater control..

Stationary Quill
The non-moving quill of a Novo Precision cutting quill set found in our cut to length systems

Stepper Drive
Straight Wire
Straightening Rolls
The bearings or “rolls” that wire passes over to break the “set” or memory in the wire or flat strip

The deformation produced by a stress as compared to the original shape

Stranded Wire
A group of individual wires wrapped around each other or twisted together

The force divided by the area over which it acts.

Stress Relieve
A low temperature heat treatment to relieve residual stresses induced during coiling

Strip Straightener
A straightener used to take “bow” out of strip stock

Stroke Length
The physical single stroke length limit of a Novo Precision feed and cut system. The lengths available are 3”, 6”, & 12”

Syncro Cam Timing™
A special product used to enhance and extend the capabilities of a four slide machine available from Novo Precision


Tandem Winding
Tapered Retainer
A cone shaped element that is used to hold

The rate the system generates money through sales.

This term refers to the "special" hardware items that are either inserted or attached to a mechanical machine to either form, shape, or a particular part or to perform a particular function such as cutting or bending.

Top Hat
A metal frame, usually tubular, in the shape of a “Lincoln Stove Pipe Hat” for holding a large coil of wire.

Torque (Movement)
A twisting force in torsion springs which tends to produce rotation, equal to the force multiplied by the distance from the force to the axis of the spring body.

Torque Wrench
The pre-set torque knob supplied with a Novo Precision PWS for setting the proper holding torque on the positioning screws

Torsion Straightener
Total Coils (N)
The number of active coils (n). For compression springs add to (n) the number of dead coils forming the ends

Tractor Feed
A general name for a method of feeding linear materials between two opposing moving belts.

Traveling Quill
The cutting quill of a quill set that moves across the face of the Stationary quill in a Novo Precision feed & cutoff system

Turnkey System
A "system' or machine which is complete in its design that will produce a part or perform a certain task and requires only to be loaded with the primary material(s) and can be operated from one location using one controlling device that has only one key to turn on to start it up.


A term that means that a roll bearing or servo feed wheel has a radius or “V” or other such shape

Value Added
Activities or actions taken that add real value to the product or service. [See Non-Value Added]

Vee Groove Bearings
Standard 120 degree angle ground into the bearing rolls used in the Novo Precision precision wire straighteners.

A special product used to enhance and extend the capabilities of a four slide machine available from Novo Precision

Vibratory Feeder
See Bowl Feeder


Anything that uses resources, but does not add real value to the product or service.

Wire Cleaner Lubricator

A single, usually cylindrical, elongated strand of drawn metal

Wire Bundle
A bulk quantity of wire that is coiled or packed togeter. See Coil - Hank

Wire Cutter
A device, either hand held or machine, that cuts wire, manually or automaticly, which uses human muscles, pneumatics, hydrulics, or electricity.

Wire EDM
Wire EDM is process whereby a wire typically .006 inch to .008 inch in diameter is electrically charged at a very high voltage and used to cut precision shapes in prismatic components.

Wire Feeder
A motor driven mechanical device ( servo drive, tractor drive, pneumatic cylinder, electric motor, etc. ) with special wheels, belts, grippers, etc that will move wire at a certain speed and in a certain direction.

Wire Guide
Components used to guide the material thru a Novo Precision cut to length system.

Wire Line
The physical centerline dimension of the wire passing thru a mechanical feed or straightening device

Wire Out Sensor
Electronic device incorporated into Novo Precision equipment to signal when processed material has run out.

Wire Rope
This is usually a cable type of wire that is made from several strands twisted together.

Wire Straightener
Any mechanical device use to straighten wire. Some types of wire straighteners are: Roll straightener, Torsion, and Rotary

Wire Tensioner
A device that puts wire under tension. Good back tension on wire improves the consistancy of a roll type or rotary type wire straightener.

Wire Trimmer
See wire cutter


No Entries


Produced product related to scheduled product.

Yield Strength
The stress force at which a material begins to plastically deform. Prior to the yield point the material will deform elastically and will return to its original shape when the applied stress is removed. Once the yield point is passed some fraction of the deformation will be permanent and non-reversible


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