Novo Precision

Cutting Solder Preforms


Novo Precision has been cutting wire and other materials including solder preforms for over 30 years. Our expertise in handling a wide range of size and shaped wire gives us a competitive advantage over most companies when cutting solder preforms. Since preforms must provide a precise and uniform volume for their end use, the cutting of the solder alloy must hold within very small tolerances. At Novo our industry standard machines will provide solder preforms to your exact specification.
We offer the ability to cut a wide range of material as well as shapes to include round, rectangle and disc. A variety of alloys can be cut giving you ultimate flexibility and various melting points to meet your needs. We offer no minimum quantities and are capable of cutting piece volumes in the millions with strict lead times. We also offer pull systems for larger quantities and can meet any custom packaging requirements. Give us a call at 860-583-0517 or fill out a RFQ for more information or pricing. We look forward to being your partner for your solder preform needs.

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