Novo Precision

About Novo

Novo is a progressive supply chain partner with world class engineering and continuous improvement capabilities.  We have the capability to design, fabricate and build manufacturing processes to make your components or to design you a turnkey process to manufacture your products.

Our 4 Value Streams:

Precision Wire Components Cut to Length Precision Machining Equipment & Engineered Systems
  • Precision Wire Forming
  • Medical Staples & Clips
  • Roll Formed & Cold Headed Pins
  • Medical Wires with Finished Ends
  • Wires with Finished Ends
  • Wire, Strip, Cable, and Tube Straightening & Cutting
  • Medical markers
  • Solder Preforms
  • Pistol Barrel Blanks
  • Trigger Guards
  • Small Milled Components
  • Precision Wire Straighteners
  • Cut to Length Systems
  • Payoffs
  • Vertical CNC Broach
  • Spring Detanglers
  • Engineered Turnkey Systems for linear material
Quality Matrix
The Novo Advantage
We are committed to being a world-class company and are driven to a continuous improvement approach centered on safety, quality, cost, delivery, and team member morale.
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Our Team Performance Center: Manage Operational Level Metrics for Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost and Morale with Cross-Functional Teams Driving Improvement. Take our Virtual Tour.

History of Novo Precision

TAK Enterprises was started in 1981, making medical staples, four-slide tooling, and equipment.  The company operated for successfully for 31 years before being purchased in 2014 by Bill Hazard and renamed Novo Precision.

Novo is Latin for “to make new, refresh, re-invent” which is what the new ownership wanted to do with the company. Since the acquisition, Novo has invested significantly in improving operations, updating quality systems, and improving production methods.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to become a world class supplier of precision components, assemblies and equipment for the medical and other select industries. We will achieve this through consistently exceeding our customers' expectations, which will be driven by:

  1. Improving our business every day,
  2. Working closely with our customers to provide solutions, and
  3. Fostering a positive environment of honesty, fairness, and integrity in which team members can contribute and develop.


  • Improve every day
  • Our people: Provide stability, opportunities to improve themselves, and opportunities to grow within our company
  • Consistently exceed the expectations of our customers as a supplier and become a true partner