Novo Precision

Novo Advantage

Quality Matrix
We are committed to being a world-class company and are driven to a continuous improvement approach centered on safety, quality, cost, delivery, and team member morale.

Quality Advantage:

Novo has made major investments in improving and modernizing our quality infrastructure, quality approach, and quality metrics over the past several years. This is the foundation of our business and we are constantly working to improve.

Advantages include:

  • Vision & CMM utilized to validate quality
  • Real Time SPC Tracking on all major product lines
  • Control Plans used for all products
  • Proactive quality approach using PFMEA/FMEA quarterly to systematically reduce quality risk
  • Follow up surveys used to Validate Customer Satisfaction
  • ISO 9001-2008 Certified
  • Pending ISO 13485 Medical Certification


Delivery Advantage:

The Novo Team has made major investments in improving and modernizing our process, material, & information flows and creating metrics to support. For many of our customers we have setup pull systems to minimize lead-times and improve customer flexibility. We proactively work with our customers to design delivery systems that meet their specific needs.

Advantages include:

  • Daily Shop Floor review of all customer orders by leadership team
  • Material & Information Flows (Value Stream Maps) used to understand and improve our manufacturing processes
  • Project Management in place to manage all project launches and machine builds
  • Pull Systems used to reduce lead-times and increase customer flexibility
  • For larger medical companies:
    • We manage their inventory & delivery
    • Ship to Stock Status
  • ISO 9001-2008 & Pending ISO 13485


Cost Advantage:

Our Engineering & Continuous Improvement capability give us a competitive advantage in many applications. Our machine design and build capability allow us to create Value Added / Value Engineered solutions that other companies cannot. We are not limited by what is available on the market – we can design processes for your specific products and then work to improve efficiency.

Advantages Include:

  • Company President has a 25 year experience in implementation of Toyota Production System & Lean Manufacturing – Top Down Improvement Focus
  • Aggressive internal improvement approach and operating cadence
  • Metrics driven approach
  • Novo’s engineering and machine building competency allows us to design and build solutions in-house:
    • Giving us potential cost and lead-time advantages
    • Allowing us to design a solution to more effectively produce your product
    • Potential for value analysis/value engineering opportunities by making products using our equipment versus traditional methods
  • Target 10%+ of employee time dedicated to improvement activities