Novo Precision

Wire Cutting & Wire Straightening Services


Novo Precision offers wire cutting and wire straightening. We straighten and cut wire in a wide variety of sizes, lengths and material and our cut pieces of wire will meet your length and straightness tolerances. We can cut wire with diameters as low as 0.004" up to 0.375" made from aluminum, stainless steel, steel and most linear material. We also cut precious metals to include cutting gold, silver, and platinum from either spool or rod. Novo doesn't hold any minimum quantities and our wire straightening and wire cutting service can be customized to help fulfill your needs. In addition to wire we also cut tubing and cut strips as well as straighten those materials.
All of our wire cutting leaves ends with minimal to no burr and the wire straightened to customer tolerance levels. Novo also offers secondary operations which include wire forming, bending, stamping and many other applications. We also offer batching and packaging options to create a one stop shop for your production needs. We can work with our customers through one time orders, blanket orders or setup a pull system using kanban to optimize flexibility and minimize your lead-times. At Novo we have been cutting wire for over 30 years and strive to be your partner in your wire supply needs. For more information feel free to contact us or request a quote and one of our experienced sales associates will answer your specific questions.

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