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Wire Feed and Cut System with Enclosure

The Feed and Cut to Length System from Novo Precision with an optional safety enclosure is optimal for wire

Automatic Wire Cutting Machine
Automatic Wire Cutting Machine

cutting, thin strip cutting, tube cutting and the cutting of most linear materials.  This TAK Pneumatic Wire Feed and Cut-to-Length system is mounted on a steel table with an optional sound attenuating enclosure.  These automatic wire cutting machines come with state of the art control panels so you can feed and cut your material to variable lengths and speeds depending on your needs. For more information on this automatic wire cutting machine or any of our Cut to Length Systems or to request a quote please click here


Feed and Cut to Length System

  • Work with Novo engineers to customize the machine to your product specification
    Feed and Cut System
    Feed and Cut System
  • One Touch PLC on each machine allows for easy operation
  • Controls allow for setting speed to your production rates
  • Industry best wire straighteners result in straightest parts
  • Safety and sound enclosure optional
  • Automated Wire Cutter