Novo Precision

Improvement Approach

At Novo our goal is to methodically drive improvement across all functions of our business. To achieve this we have set up an infrastructure that helps encourage and support improvement activities. This is driven from the top down, as the president of our company spent 20+ years in operational consulting and in positions of senior leadership driving operational improvement.

Company Policy Deployment & Goal Alignment:

At a company level we have identified our critical objectives for the year and deployed these throughout the organization. These goals are structured around operational excellence and financial objectives.

Daily Shop Floor Review Cadence:

We have a balanced approach that starts on our shop floor with tracking and understanding performance in each area of production. On a daily cadence plant leadership will report out to company leadership on planned versus actual performance, any reason for deviation, and their strategy to improve. This is performed for safety, quality, delivery, cost, and team member morale. This has a very positive impact in understanding problems and helping drive improvement.

Cross-Functional Improvement Teams

We have cross-functional teams with annual goals of improving safety, quality, delivery, cost, and team member morale. We measure performance in each of these areas and the cross functional teams identify and are responsible for implementing Improvements.