Novo Precision

In-Line Spring Coiling Systems

What is the big deal about In-Line Spring Coiling?

Saving money! An in-line spring coiling system eliminates the need to have to process paper work to get the springs, eliminates the cost of packaging them, eliminates the cost to ship the springs to you, eliminates the cost of storing them, eliminates the cost of detangling them, reduces the cost of delivering or actually inserting them into your assembly, and eliminates "scrapping out" pre-purchased springs that become obsolete.

I want to be sure that the springs I need to use are 100% inspected. How does your system accomplish that?

Add the inspection modules. The Colombi spring coilers can be configured with their "Orbit" station that can do all that automatically and even sort out the bad springs from the good.

I need to have my springs stress relieved, so am I still going to have write orders, package the springs and pay to ship them all around?

No. The Colombi "Orbit" station can be configured with an electrical resistance stress relieving station that will perform that operation automatically.

Can I get a spring detangler / separator that will also feed the individual spring to an assembly point?

Yes. The Colombi line of detanglers / separators also offers a couple of versions of spring feeders that will feed oriented springs to up to four separate assembly points. These feeders can be directly integrated into robotic pick up stations or come equipped with escapement activated manual pick up points for operator assembly operations.