Novo Precision

Equipment Trials & Production Demo Runs

Will Novo Precision do a Production Demo Run at a prospect's facility?

Usually not. The purpose of the demo run is to answer any and all questions regarding equipment function, capability, operation, set up, and maintenance. All the resources for addressing these issues are available at Novo Precision.

What is the time limit on trial evaluations?

The limit is (7) seven "working" days. Novo Precision makes every effort to work with interested prospects to ensure that no trial time is wasted preparing the installation, or waiting for a "break" in the production cycle. We can coordinate the shipping of the trial unit to coincide with the time when all site preparations are complete.

If I break a component on the trial unit am I liable to pay for the repairs?

Yes. The Novo Precision restocking fee only covers the necessary cleaning and rechecking of the component condition and mechanical tolerances.

Can any of the money spent for the Production Demo Run be applied to the purchase of a system?

Yes. Novo Precision typically allows about 75% of the demo fee to be applied to the system purchase price if the system is ordered within 90 days of the demonstration.

What is the benefit of the Production Demo Run?

There are many benefits to undertaking a production demo run; here are just a few:

1. Validating the system through put speed.
2. Confirming the obtainable material straightness value.
3. Proving end cut quality over many hundreds or thousands of cut samples.
4. Reviewing set up and change-over procedures in real time.
5.“Hands on” exposure to operating screens and software
6. Review of any maintenance procedures related to the specific machine or component.
7. The full production usage of all pieces made or processed by the system.