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A "Cut" Above-Woody's Blog on Cutting Wire and Other Linear Material

Tube Shearing Systems for Small Diameter, Short Length Tube Applications

When new challenges are presented to our Novo team, we respond with
our best efforts to provide an efficient and economical solution. Such was the case when a potential customer brought us an application that involved processing pure copper tubing from a continuous coil into shear cut lengths.  Currently, the "ferrules" they were producing in high volumes were being precision saw cut. Read more


Wire Straightening:  Back to Basics

We are regularly confronted with issues related
to the manufacture of small wire components
that, more often than not, are a direct result of
the wire not being straight enough prior to the
forming operation.  As a matter of fact, this was the driving force that led Novo into the development of our standard line of TAK Precision Wire Straighteners(PWS) in 1981. Read more


Mason Global Management LLC

Mason Global Management LLC is a strategic marketing company focused on helping businesses expand and grow throughout the world.  Mason Global Management LLC works closely with clients to identify problems and obstacles that prevent goal achievement.  We will work with your business, purchasing, sales and marketing teams to understand key issues affecting progress and then, together, develop a solid plan that will help achieve your objectives. Richard Mason is the VP of Business and Market Development and a Sales Rep for Novo check out his site at