Novo Precision

Vertical CNC Broach-Broaching Pistol Barrels

Custom designed Vertical CNC Broach for broaching pistol barrels from Novo Precision .
Custom Novo Vertical CNC Broach processing 6" 9mm small square body pistol barrel blanks. Broach specifications include small footpring (38" W x 48.5"D x 69.5"H, robust frame and tool holder design, length of pull up to 24 inches, 4000lb pull capacity and a 5 micron broaching oil filtration system.
Next Gen enhancements include broach tool retrieval system, broach tool chip clean off, light curtain and frame enhancements for quick move.
Vertical CNC Broach comes with a flat screen PLC Interface for 1 touch changeovers. Pull Speed, twist ratio/speed, rotation direction and pull speed ramping can all be quickly changed on the PLC screen.
Easy to access quick shut off, oil resevoir and 5 Micron broaching oil filtration system at the back of the broach. Give us a call at 860-583-0517 or check us out on our website at for more information on our one of a kind Vertical CNC Broach. We can offer to build a custom broach for you to run your own production or let us put our experience and equipment to use by bro