Novo Precision

Wire Cutting Service with Formed Ends

In this video we are not only cutting and straightening wire for our customer but we are stamping one end of the part all within the #2 SFC Pneumatic Cut to Length system.  Wire is taken off the spool using our custom fine wire payoff and fed through wire wash and into wire straightener.  A TAK Precision Wire Straightener is used to obtain optimal straightness.

Straightened wire is then fed into the reciprocating feed unit and into the cutter head.  Part lengths can be easily changed by adjusting the pneumatic cutter heads.  A stamping of the parts is added as a secondary operation.

The Pneumatic system holds cut lengths to +/- .002” with repeatability and leaves a burr-free cut.  The machine is controlled through an easy to use touch screen interface which allows the operator to program machine speed, batching quantities and total piece runs.

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