Novo Precision

Wire Cutting Service-Formed Wire

In this video we are straightening and cutting custom formed Monel metal wire to various lengths using our #2 Pneumatic Feed and Cut to Length system.  Material is taken off spool using a Novo custom fine wire payoff which regulates speed and tension of wire.  From the payoff, material is run through our precision wire straighteners with custom grooved rolls to avoid any distortion or marking of the wire while achieving optimal straightness.

Straightened wire is then fed through the reciprocating feed unit which is able to feed material to the cutter head with repeatability while holding a +/- .002” length tolerance.  Because of the dimensions of the specialty wire, custom quills are used to match the cross section of the material.

A quill on quill cutting process results in a clean burr-free cut while holding optimal straightness and length tolerances.  An easy to use touch screen interface lets operator control machine speed, batching quantities and part count.

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