Novo Precision

Wire and Strip Cutting with Finished Ends-Nose Piece for Face Mask

Strip Cutting with Rounded Ends

Novo Precision designed a machine to produce nose pieces for PPE masks such as the N95 and N99s . #2 SFC Pneumatic Cut to Length System with a custom punch and die cutting module is the perfect machine to achieve the rounded edges needed for the nose pieces. HDMI touch screen controls come standard with the system and are easy to operate and can control machine speed, cut lengths, batch count and much more. The material being cut is a spool of A3003 Aluminum that is .0315" thick X .197" wide. A single plane Precision Wire Straightener with flat bearings are used to remove coil set or leveling of the strip and leave no markings on the material. The finished nose piece has a full radius cut to create rounded ends on both sides. Part length is .350" +/-.005". This versatile machine can have cutting module reset with standard quill on quill cutting for wire, strip and cable with a clean burr free end. Scrap from the punch & die set are sucked out through a vacuum system so parts are clean and burr free. Traditional methods to obtain rounded edges result in high amounts of scrap or require a secondary operation which both result in lost time and money. These machines produce the highest quality part at the lowest cost. Give us a call at 860-583-0517 or check out our website at