Novo Precision

Tube Shearing System and In House Tube Cutting Service

The Novo/TAK Tube Shearing System takes tube cutting to the next level.  Most ideal for small tube cutting, this tube cut off machine can handle material up to OD of .250" all while supporting ID and leaving little to no burr.  This tube cut off machine comes complete with touch screen interface and can be adjusted to handle many applications.  Novo Precision also offers full service in house tube cutting services providing quality parts at a reasonable price.  Our tube cutting service specializes in small / mini tube cutting and tube shearing up to .250" OD using a mini tube cutter .  Using our state of the art tube cutting machine we can shear tubes to your specification and leave little to no burr through the tube shearing process. For more information on this machine or any of our Cut to Length Machines click here

For more information on our in house Tube Cutting Services click here