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Tube Cutting Service-Cutting Tubes

Tube Cutting Service-Cutting Tubes

Tube Cutting Service from Novo Precision at . Novo Precision providing contract production for cutting tubes from 10 foot rods to .307" lengths with .250" diameter. Material is fed into the reciprocating feed unit which is able to push tubing to the cutter head repeatably while holding a +/- .002" length tolerance. Tubing then enters the cutter head where tubing ID/OD is supported on both sides during shearing process. Quill on quill shearing results in no kerf loss and minimal deformation and burr. Tubes can be dropped into custom packaging or secondary operations such as tumbling, passivation or forming are available. Batching quantities and machine speed are controlled by our easy to use one touch control unit. Inspections are conducted to uphold stringent quality standards. Here a micrometer is used to check part length and OD measured to check tube roundness. Custom inspection sheets can be developed to customer specification and needs.

Advantages of Novo Cutting Service:

-minimal to no burr -length tolerance +/-.002"

-ID/OD supported throughout cut

-custom packaging or secondary operations available

Give us a call at 860-583-0517 or check out our website at to inquire about our Tube Cutting Services or if you would like us to build a system