Novo Precision

Tie Wire Production System

The wire is pulled through a precision wire straightener to insure straight ties are delivered. A pneumatic feed slide advanced the wire into a cutter head that shears the wire to the required finished length. The tie wire length is adjustable to 12" on a single stroke, and can be programmed via the operator touch screen interface to produce lengths longer than 12" by entering a skip function to cut every other stroke or number of strokes.
Finished Tie Wires can be collected in bulk, or batching can be programmed so that the system will pause after a programmed number of ties are produced.  Perfect machine for tie wire manufacturing, or have us run your production for you.

Tie Wire Manufacturing

Manufacturing of tie wire, bundled wire, cable ties and many other application.These machines are perfect for time and cost efficient production of tie wires. For more information on this machine or any of our Cut to Length Machines please click here

Don't want to spend the capital on purchasing a machine?  Click here to check out our in house Cut to Length Services.  With over 30 years in the cutting business we guarantee quality parts at a low price.  Material can either be sent in or allow us to source wire for you from one of our many vendors.  Custom packaging available.