Novo Precision

Servo Feed and Abrasive Wheel Cutting System

Servo Feeder-Servo Machine with Abrasive Wheel Cutting System

 Vide of the Novo Servo controlled feed, straighten and Abrasive wheel cut off system for steel jacketed coaxial cable cut to various lengths.  Coaxial cable is taken off a spool using our large heavy duty wire payoff.  It is then fed through our #5 Precision Wire Straightener to straighten wire before it is cut.

Touch Screen Operator Interface System functions are controlled from input screen and lengths and batch counts can be changed with a touch of a button with no mechanical adjustments.  The abrasive wheel cuts between hardened quills to minimize burr.  Give us a call to request a quote on one of our servo machines at 860-583-0517 or click here to Request a quote online.