Novo Precision

Pin Cutting Service-Pin Cutting Machine

Video of Novo Precision running contract production for pin cutting and pin manufacturing.  In this application using a #2 Pneumatic Feed and Cut to straighten and cut .029"dia stainless steel wire to .770" length pins. Wire is then taken off spool using a custom Novo Fine Wire Payoff which regulates speed and tension on wire.
From the payoff, the wire is run through our #1 2 plane Precision Wire Straightener. Custom v-groove bearings are ground to hold wire without marking. Straightened material is then fed through the reciprocating feed unit which is able to feed wire to the cutter head repeatably while holding a +/- .002" length tolerance.
Quill on quill cutting process is used which results in a clean burr free cut while holding optimal straightness. For this application the machine is cutting pins at over 100 per minute all while holding length and straightness tolerances.
An easy to use touch screen interface allows operator to control machine speed, batching quantities and part count.
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