Novo Precision

Novo Tube Cutting Machine

Tube Cutting System

Novo Tube Cutting System at has following specifications:
-quill on quill shearing supports OD/ID
-1" max length
-diameter up to .4375"
-no kerf loss
-minimal deformation or burr
The Novo Tube Cutting System shearing 10ft .250" dia stainless steel tubes into .307" lengths. Material is fed through the reciprocating feed unit which is able to feed tubing to the cutter head repeatably while holding a +/- .002" length tolerance.
Tube then enters the cutter head where tubing ID/OD is supported on both sides during shearing process. Quill on quill shear results in no kerf loss and minimal deformation and burr. Custom escapement or collection trays can be made for your specific needs.
Machine requirements include 110 volts of power and 85 psi of air pressure. Easy start/stop with custom controls. Batch count, part counter and machine speed can also be programmed through touch screen.
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