Novo Precision

Manufacturing Medical Markers-Tantalum Markers

Here our #2 Pneumatic Feed and Cut to Length System is cutting .038” diameter tantalum material to produce tantalum markers for the medical industry.  Custom Novo fine wire payoff takes tantalum material off spool where it is fed into a wire straightener.

TAK Precision wire straighteners are used resulting in optimal straightness without leaving any marks on the wire.  Straightened wire is then fed through the reciprocating feed unit and into the cutter head where quill on quill cutting process is used to hold tight tolerances of +/- .002”.

All parts have a clean burr free cut and can be tumbled, passivated and many other secondary operations.  Specialty packaging and inventory stock is available as well.  Our machines are controlled using touch free controls that can control machine speeds, batch counts and part count.

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