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Dual Belt Tractor Feed-Newest

Dual Belt Tractor Feed

Novo Dual Belt Tractor Feed processing pre straightened .011" dia Spring Tempered Stainless Steel wire and cutting to 10" lengths at Machine is run through easy to use Touch Screen HMI controls which operates: -Part lengths -Feed Speeds -acceleration/decelleration of wire cutting -parts counter/preset batches of wire Versatile machine that can cut wire from .004" to .100". No specific tooling for wire diameter and rubber belts do not mark material which is perfect for medical applications For added convenience all cutter tooling is interchangeable with other Novo Pneumatic Cutting machines. Dualt Belt Tractor Feed uses our standard pneumatic quill on quill shearing process which gives a consistent burr free square cut. Here demonstrating the ease to changeover cut lengths. Dropping from 10" pieces to 1 inch piece in the matter of seconds. Additional options include -wire straightener -wire payoff -interlocking safety enclosure -much more Don't want to invest the capital into equipment? We understand and that is why we also offer our Wire Cutting Service to cut your wire, cable or tube in house for a good value. Give us a call at 860-583-0517 or visit us on the web at with any questions or to receive a free no obligation quote.