Novo Precision

Cutting Tantalum Wire in Production of Tantalum Markers

In this video Tantalum Markers are being produced by taking tantalum material off spool and run through our #2 Pneumatic Feed and Cut System and straightened and cut into 9mm lengths.   A fine wire payoff is used to unspool tantalum wire and fed into wire straightener.

The 1mm diameter tantalum wire is fed through our TAK #1 Precision wire straightener to attain optimal straightness.  Straightened material then enters the reciprocating feed unit & then pushed in exact lengths into the cutting head.  Part lengths can be easily adjusted up or down on the #2 Pneumatic cut to length system using the fine adjust tooling.  Quill on quill cutting method is used to leave a square burr-free cut with +/- .002” length tolerance.  Secondary operations such as tumbling or passivation can be added to meet end use specifications.

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