Novo Precision

Copper Wire Cut & Pressing Ends

Cutting Copper Wire & Pressing Ends

We had the pleasure of working with a company that was in need of cut wire with finished ends for the lighting industry . We created a one stop shop for our customer first by sourcing the material needed for the job. Our engineers worked directly with the customer using their design work to create custom tooling not only for the cutting of the material but to create a perfect pressed end to meet their tight tolerances. Because we were able to design and build all tooling and fixturing in house we were able to cut costs and lead times if that had to be outsourced. With dozens of Cut to Length machines the first step was done in days of material receipt. At Novo a quill on quill cutting method is used in lieu of laser or abrasive which is both highly efficent and reduces scrap costs. Then the cut pieces were moved over to our assembly area to be pressed to customers specifications. Our dedicated staff checks each piece for correct measurements to ensure every piece is within the tolerances of the print. In addition to pressing Novo can do many other secondary operations to include angle cuts, balled ends, chamfering, passivation and much much more. Give us a call or fill out an RFQ for a free no obligation quote or to find out more about our capabilities.