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Automatic Wire Cutting Machines

Video of a #2 Pneumatic Feed and Cut System running .078" Dia nylon coated wire to be cut in 6" Lengths.  A custom P2100R Rim Drive Wire Payoff is used on the Automatic Wire Cutting Machine to handle heavy spool and feed into system evenly.

Payoff control box can help control speed and wire flow coming off of the spool.  Wire is then fed through a TAK #3 2 Plane Precision Wire Straightener to obtain optimal straightness.  Straight wire is now fed into the recipricating feed unit, dual grippers are installed to ensure nylon material doesn't slip.

Quill on quill cutting process is used resulting in a clean burr free cut while holding a +/- .002" length tolerance.  Cut parts can be passivated, tumbled or various other secondary operations.  Custom packaging available upon request.

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