Novo Precision

Angled Cut Wire-Wire Cutting Service-Wire with Finished Ends

Here our #2 Pneumatic Cut to Length System is cutting .010" diameter music wire to .50" lengths. Each part must have one end cut at a 35° angle.
Wire is pulled off a spool using a Novo custom fine wire payoff. Wire is cleaned and then run through a TAK Precision Wire Straightener to obtain optimal straightness.
Straightened wire fed into the reciprocating feed carriage which uses positive stops to ensure length accuracy of +/- .002". Wire is then cut using custom quills specially ground at 35° angle to meet part specifications. A Quill on Quill cutting process is used to leave each angled part with a clean burr free cut.
Cut parts are then accumulated and packaged to the customers specification. The machine is operating using an easy to use touch free control box that controls speed and tracks batch quantities and part counter.
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