Novo Precision

The Flexibility of US Manufacturers to Meet Current Needs

The Challenge

COVID-19 and information related to the virus has been moving at a rapid pace. As businesses and communities look to welcome people back, additional levels of personal protection equipment (PPE) are now required including readily available alcohol-based hand rub (ABHR or hand sanitizing gels). The CDC states: “Hand hygiene is an important part of the U.S. response.” Often hand sanitizer stands need to be mobile in order to move where the people will pass through or congregate. Earlier generations of dispensers were manual, which may ironically discourage their use and were obsolete in the face of the pandemic. The demand for hand sanitizer dispensers spiked and manufacturers found that their over-seas supply chain could not respond to either the volume or the speed that is required to meet local regulations. Manufacturers are now turning to US-based companies for ABHR dispensing solutions.

The Solution

Novo Precision identified the need for local support and quickly jumped in to help fill the immediate gap in the market. Within a month the Novo engineers developed two different hand sanitizer stands designed to use the current supply of manual dispensers. The first was a unit retrofitted with an automated sensor and the second was a foot petal actuated stand. The conversion of obsolete manual hand sanitizer dispensers solved an immediate demand problem for the consumer. The availability of ABHR dispensers, combined with other required PPE, will enable businesses to meet local and state requirements during and after the coronavirus pandemic.

The Result

Novo Precision is an example of how the future of US manufacturing is all about flexibility. Novo has the in-house expertise to design a solution, manufacture a product and setup a supply chain strategy. In less than 4 weeks Novo designed and produced two different hand sanitizer stands that are ready to ship. As global health experts continue to learn more about COVID-19 and how to control the virus, companies like Novo Precision will be ready to design solutions to help keep people safe.

Novo Precision is a strong innovative group that can work through the new product development process with exceptional results and carry that knowledge over to ongoing manufacturing, always driving for continuous improvements that make their product the highest quality part possible.

About Novo Precision

Novo Precision is a solutions provider. Novo offers a strong team of mechanical, manufacturing and quality engineers, as well as an on-site R&D center that greatly streamlines product launch and solution development. Novo has the capability to source materials, fabricate equipment, and engineer manufacturing processes to make your components. Or, we can create a turnkey system and train your staff to manufacture the components in your own facility. However you utilize Novo’s expertise, we provide the technology and the logistics to help you solve real world problems while you focus on your core strengths.

Novo is experiencing rapid growth as a progressive supply chain partner focused on data-driven operations, updated quality systems and improved production methods. We’ve even expanded our value streams to offer innovative products like our Lean Metrics Stand that displays daily performance metrics to allow all team members to contribute to your organization’s success.