Novo Precision


"I’m finding the Metrics Boards to be a great tool for me as a manager. I no longer have to find someone or grab a line operator to find out how we are running. More importantly if there is a problem I’m aware of it when it’s happening instead of after the fact. As a company we track sales dollars for each line. If a line does not hit its daily goal there is a clear, real time explanation as to why. If the problem becomes chronic we can address the issue and fix it. There were times in the past when a line may have an ongoing mechanical issue and it wasn’t addressed. After a while it became a normal part of operation and eroded our efficiency. The Metrics Boards eliminate that from happening.

The operators have embraced the boards as well. They see their daily goals and do all they can to achieve them. If they exceed them they are proud and show it off. It’s helping them to work better as a team as the goals are clear for all to see."

Skip Griffin, Metal Finishing Technologies, Forestville, CT